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Since 2009 we have designed unique solar and off-grid lighting solutions.

Technology is at the heart of our business, we use technical materials and advanced engineering to build products which offer our customers exciting innovations.


4 million+ Products sold
50+ countries reached
15+ patents Granted

In 2009, the English entrepreneur and designer Chris Frost began designing clever, stylish, off-grid lighting solutions. The innovative LED technology resulted in the first remote controlled real wax led candles. 

Moonori designs clever solar and off-grid lighting products to give our customers’ simple and effective lighting solutions.

We continue to use technical materials and advanced engineering to create our own future and empower people to enjoy novel lighting solutions.

Our History


In 2009 we pioneered real wax LED candles.  Using advanced LED technology we developed highly realistic LED flame effect candles.

Rechargeable LED Candles

We developed the first real wax rechargeable LED candles.  Our LED candle range became very popular and represented 20% of the top 20 lighting products on Amazon.

Motion Activated Wax Candles

Using our novel motion technology we developed colour changing candles which responded to motion.  By shaking the candle the colour of the candle changed.  This unique innovation sold in leading supermarkets and home shopping television channels.

Solar Security Lighting

In 2011 we developed a range of easy to install outdoor home security lights.  These became a huge success and became the bestselling outdoor light on Amazon USA.

Solar Garden Lighting

The success of the solar security light was followed by a range of innovative solar lights.  The challenge remains to design affordable solar lights that work all year round.

Solar Water Lighting

In 2014 we used our solar technology to develop a range of lights which could be used in the water as well as on the surface.

Solar Candle Lights

Using our proprietary solar technology and LED matrix we designed our unique solar outdoor LED candle.

LED Glass Candles

After many prototypes we released our novel glass candles with real wax and integrated LEDs.

Rechargeable Table Lighting and Globe

Our rechargeable table lights and designer globe light offer easy portable lighting for the home and the hospitality industry.

Solar Wall Lights

After two years of development we launched our range of up and down solar wall lights.  Our unique technology allowed us to integrate LEDs into the solar panel.

Solar Flame Lights

Using our proprietary LED technology our unique LED flame lights recreate the effect of natural flame lanterns.